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Rail cars that hoboes ride.

“BOXCARS” Boxcars are my favorite rides on freight trains.  Boxcars haul almost anything and everything.  From frozen orange juice to bagged concrete; the boxcar hauls it all.   Me, inside the doorway of my boxcar when the outside temperature was 10 … Continue reading

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Railroad defect detectors and signaling systems.

  Automatic Block Signaling…(ABS) The basic concept of ABS is that the track is divided into Blocks; sections that are protected by Block Signals. A block is the section of line between two consecutive block signals. Trains operate by a track warrant … Continue reading

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Wyoming boxcar ride with the delirium tremens.

It was the summer of 1998, and  I was at my peak of alcohol consumption.  I had ridden into the town of Keokuk, Iowa from Chicago on an empty boxcar.  Right away, I found a day labor job tearing shingles from the roof … Continue reading

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My Maine freight train ride took me to Nova Scotia, Greenland and Iceland.

I had just hopped a freight train to Bangor, Maine, from the Framingham Conrail Railroad yards near Boston, Massachusetts.  I was tired, thirsty and hungry!  I bailed off my boxcar and walked to the fisherman’s docks along the Penobscot River. I started … Continue reading

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Protected: Deported from St. John’s, Newfoundland, to Barrow, Alaska, and the cops who used my bad situation to their advantage!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Newfoundland, the smaller Alaska.

Newfoundland is located in Canada’s Maritime.  It’s such a beautiful place!   Newfoundland has the look and feel much like Alaska does.  The island is roughly 600 miles long from east to west and perhaps 350 miles long from north to south at its longest … Continue reading

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My train ride into the Appalacian winter storm!

This is a “Marc” public transit train.  I rode from King Street to downtown Washington DC. Also to get out to where the CSX yards are. I just got out of jail in Thomasville, Georgia where I had spent 16 days … Continue reading

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