I’m a professional hobo of almost 24 years of continuous freight train hopping.
I started hopping freights in 1989 and have only just begun to slow down a bit.
This blog of mine is a collection of many short stories of my most memorable train hopping trips.
I hope all enjoy!
Hobo “Shoestring” ~~~~~~~


4 Responses to About

  1. ruahoosier2 says:

    Haven’t seen any new posts for a time. Just wondering if everything is fine with you?? Enjoy reading your adventures! Be safe and may you be Blessed.

  2. justinjohnrandall says:

    Hey! First of all let me just thank you for this wealth of information!! I had searched all summer for info/safety tips and finally just hopped a train last month, finding your blog after the fact. I wish I’d known about it beforehand! I ended up going through the tunnel between Libby and Whitefish, MT on a small platform between two double decker freight cars! I thought I was going to suffocate! Looking forward to my next trip and any advice from you! Also, if you’re ever swinging through MT or MN and would be willing to show a young buck a thing or two I would be enormously thankful!

  3. A fan says:

    Hey Shoestring, thanks for sharing your adventures. I found your stories to be remarkable; you’ve lived an amazing life: hard living for sure but what incredible travels you’ve had. Are you still at it? What are you up to these days?

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